Monday, September 26, 2011

The Nap Time Bandit

Nap times in the Dalli Cottage are becoming increasingly frustrating for me - and highly entertaining for a certain toddler who resides here (I wont name any names except call her the Nap Time Bandit).  You see, I have our laptop set up on our dining table adjacent to the said toddler's room so I can sit and observe the little one's antics and prevent her from getting out of bed and playing with her toys.  Thanks to this little Bandit - I am now addicted to Pinterest due to waiting it out until she goes to sleep....yep that's right - I am blaming a nearly-two year old for my addiction.  Bad mum right??

She is cheeky - she will cunningly place one leg outside the bed and wait for a reaction from me.....if nothing, she will then place her other leg over, ever so slowly as to not grab my attention and then act like a statue.  If no further reaction she makes a run for it.....which usually results into me finally realising and the rest I will leave up to your imagination. 

She will lie with her bum against the wall and her feet in the air and drum out a song with her heels, she will climb on her bedhead, she will play peek-a-boo with her pillow and she will bang her teddy (Elmo) hard eyes against the wall....all while waiting for me to relent, declare my patience shot and label it a "No Sleep Day" - because I have done that once in her 23 months of life....and clearly she has never forgotten it!!

The last few days has been a contest of the fittest, strongest and most patient.....who is willing to wait it out the longest to watch the little one's limbs stop moving and to hear the songs and chatter cease.  Once asleep - she will sleep for 2 hours of deep, beautiful sleep to re-energise those busy little feet and mind. 

Perhaps I am holding onto these daytime naps like I am holding onto the little bit of baby she has left.  Maybe she is trying to tell me "I'M NOT TIRED MUM".....but then the 2 hour snooze doesn't really back up her declaration does it?

God Bless her little Bandit cotton socks.....and please god, let these daytime naps last a tad's not too much to ask is it??  Really??

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