Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I {don't really} HEART SPRING

Spring has arrived at the Dalli Cottage and with the warmer weather it brings longer days, the gorgeous flowers and my birthday which is something I always look forward to each year.  This year was no exception with a magical day with my family in Toowoomba for the Carnival.  It was the kind of day where you love seeing your children grow up to appreciate simple things like watching Carnival Parades on her Daddy's shoulders and relishing in the beauty of a water iceblock to cool you down.  I always get sad watching Macie grow up....but on Saturday, I loved it - and I know she did too!

As the butterflies begin to hover around the beautiful flowers - I am also starting to get the occasional flutter of butterflies in my stomach to remind me that I am incubating our darling little miracle.  We are heading to the 'half-way' mark - and hopefully everything will continue to swim along without too many issues. 

Family Snap - with Baby Mac at 18 weeks.
But with all the glorious-ness of Spring....also comes the reality of the warmer months on a farm.  The times where life gets busy with the planting of the Summer crops, the endless weeds, the relentless bugs attracted to even the light on your overhead stove...but mostly, the snakes.  I am sad to report that on Day 20 of Spring, we have had our very first big and cranky snake in our yard that came from under our house, across the lawn, around our shed and under our car.  It was so cranky that it was striking our wheelbarrow in our yard just for being in the way.....EEK!

However I am more than happy to report that Milly Puppy saved the day with the constant barking to alert us!  Thankfully she was in her little pen so she couldn't show me how brave she was (as I think the ridiculously cranky snake would have won the war) but she did so well with letting me know that it was in the yard!! 

Every farmers wifey will now know what I am talking about when I say that it is now a neccesity that I scan the yard to survey for snakes and look left and right before I walk out the door.   Or when you mistake the garden hose for a snake and have a minor heart attack each time!!

Yay for Spring.....Bring on Autumn!! 

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