Sunday, September 11, 2011

Keeping it Real

Another week has gone...all without a blog post, a photo or even a whisper from me on my blog.  Once again I profusely apologise for my is busy but it most certainly isn't getting in the way - I have been making sure of that.  In fact, last week was filled with playdates with friends, lingering coffees, bathing in the sunshine and a doctors appointments.  It was the kinda week I love....the ones where I feel blessed to have so many terrific things to do and I feel satisfied when I fall in a heap on the couch at the end of the day - because that means I have done something constructive with my day and week.

This week brought another fabulous oppurtunity my way in my photography world - where I got to photograph the most amazing set of twins.  These little darlings decided to greet the world early so we decided to photograph them on their due date.  To be honest, I was nervous about photographing twins - but it was hands-down the best experience yet.  They were so content and my heart melted when I saw them both smile as I placed them together for a snuggle!  The twin relationship is so evident already - and I can't wait to watch these beautiful children blossom. 

One thing I truly love about photographing newborns is watching the relationship grow between them and their mothers.  Watching their cries settle when they can smell their mum or watching their breathing slow down once they realise that they are in their safe place.  This shoot was no different.  Magic was certainly in the room for these much-loved twins.  It makes me crave the day when I become a Mum of two - and experiencing life with a newborn again. 

This week I received the most amazing e-mail from a friend from school.  We haven't seen each other since the day we walked out of the school gates but yet we have remained firm friends and keep in regular contact thanks to Facebook.  She is generous and kind and always writes to me to tell me what is on her mind.  This week was no exception.....

"Hannah I just wanna tell you you are the mum to be! Congrats on newly gestating foetus!!!! Everybody always says 'have you seen hannah's photos/baby clothes/how happy and gorgeous her family looks?" thought I'd let you know since being a mum can be a thankless task sometimes but people really do notice from afar. Your happiness is infectious. Great to hear you are expanding the brood. Amazing. Xxxx big love buddy, keep it real."

I love the "Keep it Real" makes me realise that I am doing the best job I can do - even when I feel like Macie has been in tantrum mode for the majority of the day or I feel like I have raised my voice one too many times.  Or when I may have snapped at Heath too quickly and perhaps admittedly blamed my preggo hormones a little too much!!  Life at the Dalli Cottage is as real as it gets - we are real, we are human and we are far from perfect.....but we are happy, content and willing to face the road of parenthood and childhood together. 

There is so much pressure from society to be the "Perfect Mum" with the best dinners, cleanest house, happiest/smartest/sportiest kids and on top of need to look like you have things 100% under control 100% of the time. 

I say Stuff's a lot more fun just to "Keep it Real". 

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