Sunday, September 25, 2011

What's for Dinner at YOUR place?

After the awesome response to my What's for Dinner at YOUR place? question on FB yesterday, it sparked a little idea in my preggo brain.  I loved all your recipes and I absolutely LOVE that you want to share with me.

I always find that coming into the warmer months, I am flicking through my recipe books - ear-tagging yummy recipes and trying to be new and creative for my family.  So why don't we start to inspire and share recipes with each other? 

E-mail me with your most favourite recipe (I am increasingly curious about these 'Porcupines') and I will be sure to blog about it....and hopefully MAKE IT TOO!!

So to kick it off, my delicious dinner from last night was Zucchini Slice and I am more than happy to report that my ever-so-fussy daughter ate it without a tantrum and Heath even called from the tractor to tell me how delicious it was.  I actually made Macie some special 'cupcake' ones and placed the rest into a lamington tin.  Seriously - the easiest dinner ever and absolutely perfect with a little salad!

Recipe handed down from my Mama

375g Zucchini (usually 2 big ones)
1 large Onion
3 rashers of bacon
1 cup grated chedder cheese
1 cup self-raising flour
1/2 cup oil
5 eggs
Salt & Pepper 

Grate unpeeled zucchini coarsely (I use a little food processer that I have to make it quicker), finely chop onion (I throw this in the food processer too!) and finely chop bacon also.  Combine zucchini, onion, bacon, cheese, sifted flour, oil and lightly beaten eggs - and then season with salt and pepper.  Pour into well-greased pan (I use baking paper) and bake in moderate oven for 30 - 40 minutes until browned. 
Serves 4 - 6. 

Apologies for the awful was obviously only impressed with the salad!
I am a lover of all things Balsamic so I always place a generous dose of dressing over my slice aswell.  For Macie, I gave her a Zucchini Cupcake with strips of cheese, carrot, capsicum and cucumber and am still in shock that she ate it without ANY complaints!!!  This is definitely a very rare occasion in the Dalli Cottage.

So, if you feel like joining in on the fun - please feel free to e-mail me at with your favourite recipe!  In the meantime, I will share with you my creations and hopefully they will inspire you!

As for my recipe book collection.....I felt like I was lying to you giving you a photo of my neatly displayed's all a lie.  This is the one cupboard in our kitchen that is without a door (more on that another day) so I have everything *cough* "neatly" (NOT) stacked on top of each other as I have no room anywhere else.  Here is the uncropped version......and I didn't tidy it up beforehand.....can you tell?? ;) 

Jen - please don't have a panic attack seeing this - Jen is the Gundi version of Martha Stewart with the MOST organised kitchen I have ever seen!!!!
One day I will get my cupboard organisation and door.....for the meantime, I just prove to my visitors and myself....that I am as real as they come!!


  1. Hahahah love it! You have two books that I want - Lisa McCune's and Julie Goodwin's, are they good??? I will have to think of a recipe worthy of emailing you...

  2. Oh good to see that someone else stacks (throws) their lunch bags up on top of everything else!!

  3. Emma - they are great books to take ideas and modify as your own. Julie's book has an AMAZING mushroom sauce that I will share when husbo gets off the tractor and Lisa McCune's is great for kids! X

  4. Oh Han I was so going to say something before I saw that comment! All I was going to say is if you want me to come and organise it I can! It can be my gift to you! Haha! I will email my recipe to you as well. Nothing better than good ol' spag bol night like tonight! I'll send you a photo of my cupboard too - I'm not that neat!