Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekend One of Silly Season

Sorghum Plant 2011 begun this week - meaning that the husbo starts to spend more time with the Tractor and the days are just a tad bit lonely here in the Dalli Cottage.  My friends and I joke about "Farmers Widow" season where we meet for coffees more often and linger at the park for a while longer. 

Needless to say, when it's Silly Season on the farm - I always seem to get my creative on which has been hiding in my belly with this baby ever since I fell pregnant.  Thankfully, now I have met the 17 week mark, I appear to be able to manage the day without the need for a 2 hour snooze with Macie - so this weekend has been fun to get my paint clothes on and set the mind ticking with ideas.

Ever since we have joined the kid's rooms together (joys of living in a small cottage) - I have been wanting to make the kid's 'spaces' individual and special to the child.  Obviously, I am waiting on confirmation from our 20 week scan for the baby however I wanted to make Macie's space both special and magical since she is so happily sharing with her new sibling. 

We managed to score a very cheap chest of drawers at a Garage Sale a while back that just needed a dose of TLC and a few licks of paint.....and since I was playing the "Farmers Widow" role - I decided that this weekend was the time to do it. 

With my trusty apprentice who has a fascination of paintbrushes and screwdrivers - we set off to sand, paint, and then 'decorate' this otherwise bland chest. 

Thanks to my newfound addiction to Pinterest - I researched many 'chests', 'drawers' and then came across some fantastic 'Mod-Podge' creations....and the seed was planted.  I tried to explain my vision to Heath...."Butterflies in a swarm, mod-podged on with a lacquer over the top"......after some very in-depth conversation of me trying to explain what mod-podge was and Heath not getting the gist AT ALL....he left it in my hands.  Aint he kind?

I am happy to report that as of this afternoon....this is the work-in-progress Flutter Flutter Chest of Drawers.  The butterflies are only stuck on for the meantime while I get my hands on some modpodge and some funky drawer handles....

It's a work-in-progress that has successfully kept us entertained all weekend.....

Now what to do for the rest of the Silly Season.....

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  1. Oh my goodness Hannah it looks so cute! I am currently doing the exact same thing with Scarlett's ugly drawers as well - ahh the joys of being a farmers widow! I'm glad you are feeling well too!