Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My creative burst....

Today, I have managed to do more than just play with Macie and sleep.  Yep - I am happy to report that I climbed a ladder with a hammer in hand, hung special bunting for Macie's room and rearranged just a tad. 

I even got my craft on just a little bit and made Macie a quick hair clip holder.  Seriously - this is the easiest thing to do with a canvas from your Dollar Store, cute ribbons and a hot glue gun.  Admittedly, Moo did have one before however I wanted to revamp it up and use reds and 5 minutes later - here it is! 

I purchased this Canvas from a cheap store for $6.  All you need to do is choose your ribbons and measure to size. 
Glue the ribbons to the inside of the canvas....
And have your very own pretty Hair Clip Board for under $10. 

Since Macie is going to share her bedroom with the baby, I am looking for inspiration to make this room gorgeous aswell as give them their own spaces.  In order to do so....I joined Pinterest.

If you are looking for know where I am.  Either addicted to "Pin-ing" or admiring my beautiful flowers from my beautiful friends for my birthday......


  1. You are very creative Miss Han! I am loving the Hair clip canvas!

  2. Looks very cute.
    I make these too but cover them with fabric first and use a staple gun!! I always burn my fingers with hot glue guns.