Thursday, September 22, 2011

Now that Macie is dancing on the "Nearly Two" line - we are getting some whopper words and one-liners from her.  Some make us laugh, some make us gasp and others just make our chests puff out with pride.  Yep - that's right folks....she's all ours...the giggles, the temper and the mouth!!

The best over the past few weeks are...

"Hi, How are you going?" when she picks up the phone....exactly like me!

Reciting the word "Strategic" over and over after hearing me cursing myself for not being more "Strategic with where I place my keys".  What the?

The constant question of "Whats That?"

If you ask her to do something that she doesn't want to - she will reply with "NO WAY" without hesitation.  If it is something she really doesn't want to do - she will say it over and over again until she thinks we have got her point!

Heath has taught her to say "HURRRRY UP MUUUUM" whenever I am putting on my makeup.

I have taught her to say to Heath..."COME ON DAD - WE HAVEN"T GOT ALL DAY!" when we are waiting for him on the Tractor.  She is still working on perfecting this....but Daddy gets the point!

Instead of saying Kangaroo....everything is "ROO".

If we come across a Dam....she goes "Snap Snap" because Crocodiles live in water especially on farms....did you know that? ;)

She gets right down to eye level with Milly the Puppy and says in a really high-pitched squeal "Pup, Pup, Pup" all while patting her knees.  Some days Milly responds....other days she sits and pretends she never heard a thing.  Perhaps our dog is smarter than we think?

If she hears anyone crying or upset, she will become very concerned and say "She/He's Sad".

Any baby she comes across whether real, a doll, a picture on a Nappy Pack or a baby on TV is called "Archie" after her new baby cousin.  Archie is a busy boy! 

"Sorry Mummy" when she realises she has overstepped the line or after some time-out. 

The list is endless...and I am going to make a conscience effort to journal and remember these magical and hilarious times!

Times like when I find her in the dryer....and instead of getting narky at her....I laughed.  What the hell - it was funny and she wasn't in danger.  Plus - wouldn't this smile make you laugh too??

Children are the reason why people all over the world are smiling....they are innocently the very source of happiness and I am so glad that I have my very own dose daily. 

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