Wednesday, September 14, 2011

5 seconds of fame....

A few months back I was contacted by our local magazine and asked to be part of an article which would shine the light on WAHM.  Of course I jumped at the oppurtunity and was very excited to see the article published in their high-quality and beautiful Spring Edition.  I was also very humbled to be standing among such successful and friendly mums who had been on the journey. 

Admittedly, since falling pregnant, my sewjo has gone out the window and my sewing machine has been idle - but that's ok.  I had the most amazing 12 months of creating, sewing and selling my wares to beautiful, kind and caring customers.  I have met some absolutely amazing business owners where we have laughed about our sleepless nights and the constant guilt of not spending enough time with our kids. 

It has been rewarding yet hard work.  I encourage any mum who is just 'thinking' about starting a business to jump in and have a go.  It's fun, challenging and rewarding.  It gave me a sense of purpose and kept me thoroughly entertained when my hours on the farm seemed endless.

Thanks Shelli (Shelli Morse Design) for the pic!

So go and get yourself a copy of Border Living and read about our journey plus the inspiring journey of so many in our region.  It's so refreshing to see so much talent on our border. 

This journey may see me leave the sewing machine behind and take up place behind the camera.....the world is my oyster....and newborns have captured my heart! 

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  1. Love it! So lovely that you got to meet my gorgeous friend Leisa too! I have my copy here at home. xxx