Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome to William

I have to thank each and every one of you who contacted me about my decision regarding breastfeeding Will.  I was completely blown away by the number of e-mails I received from beautiful women who felt that they could 'confide' in me as they feared what the public would say if they said how hard breastfeeding was.  It made me happy that I had created a 'safe place' for women to write and talk about their journey but then again, I felt sad that society has put so much pressure on these beautiful women to comply even though it may send them over the edge with depression, pain and loneliness.  Motherhood is the best job in the world - but it is also challenging and isolating.  So next time you decide to judge, think twice - because supporting other mums can go such a long way in their journey in motherhood and make them feel loved and heard. 


Last weekend we packed up the kids in the car and headed away for the weekend to visit my family and introduce our darling baby Will to everyone.  It had been nearly 8 weeks since I had been home to see everyone and to say my feet were itching was an understatement.

To set the scene, my mum is a child of five - in an Irish family - and all the family of over 30 (except 4 of us) lives in town and meets regularly every week.  I have always described my family as a "Wanna-Be Greek Family" and when we had Macie in the private hospital in Toowoomba, it was nothing to have over 10 visitors in our room each visiting period!  The nurses thought we were nuts!! 

As usual, they all totally blew us away over the weekend. They were all dying to meet Will and a simple "Morning Tea" to welcome him to the family turned into a rather large affair with friends and family cuddling him and loving Macie like they saw us all the time. Family are amazing like that....no matter the distance or the time between visits - they love you unconditionally.

One of the most beautiful moments over the weekend was introducing Will to my beautiful Grandma "GG".  Will is Grandma's ninth great-grandchild and in my books, that is truly amazing.  Even more amazing was that my unsettled and unhappy boy just slept so contently in her arms - like every little grandchild has done.  They must know that cuddles with Grandma are so very special.

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