Monday, March 26, 2012

Brand New Day

As predicted, today has been a brand new day.  Today has been rosey with a happy girl and a happy boy....and a husbo that came home for lunch.  My kinda day. 

I took the advice from all the beautiful, wise and experienced Mamas on my facebook page and declared this morning our special morning while Will slept.  We made Bunny Ears, we read books in bed, we cuddled, we sang and we spent some time in the garden (that is dying from my lack of attention on the greenies and more attention on our new little family!).

Results?  Fricken amazing.  The "D" word hasn't even been mentioned.  No attempt has been made to kidnap Will's dummy and hold it ransom and she even went down for a daysleep without screaming for it (as was the case last night).  I only have to count to TWO before she does what I ask and most importantly, she still loves me.

Being a Mum is a constant mind game as you question if you are doing the right thing, parenting correctly and leading your children on the right path for a happy and successful future.  It can be something as simple as whether or not to make a doctors appointment about a runny nose or cutting off the a lifeline such as a dummy.  It can make you cry to hear your children's misery, and can make you high-5 the air when you have a win and that gut instinct paid off. 

And as for this little guy.....he made my day by starting to give us little smiles....and something so small was so huge on a day like yesterday. 

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  1. oh he's so sublime!

    I reckon yesterday was a total write-off! Crappy here in Vic too...

    You may have just weaned your girl from the Dummy. It's good that you set your boundaries and stuck to them. In the long run - she'll be glad you did - so that she always knew that you keep your word. And that you are honest with her.

    Don't worry. We all have fits of anger. Your's seems so mild to some of mine - I'm not willing to admit most of them in public! (the horrors!) The worst one of late was when I said in a fit of anger, "don't speak to me like that and stop being a smarmy little turd!" -- not my proudest parenting moment!

    Happy days ahead too, Han...

    xx A