Monday, March 12, 2012

I Hear You...

Flicking through the channels on Sunday, I came across the movie "Mr Holland's Opus" which is an oldie, a goodie and a movie that always left an impact on my heart.  It was a movie that provoked emotions with me all those years ago when I watched how a parent reacted to the diagnosis of his son being hearing impaired.  A reaction that resulted into distancing himself from his son and not even learning to sign or communicate with him properly until much later on in his life. 

It sparked emotions for me again on Sunday while watching it. 

I remember vividly the day Macie received her "Referred" status on her hearing test.  She was only 2 days old and I sat there crying and blaming myself while Heath reassured me that it was just a part of her and definitely not a disability.  I knew this....but it felt so good to be reminded.  It was the end of my tears for my girl.  Instead it spurred me on to be the ultimate role model for her and to provide her with an environment where she could feel comfortable, loved and never held back by her hearing loss.   That was the environment my parents created for me....and in turn Heath and I will create for her. 
Macie & I at one of the many many tests!
Perhaps this movie sparked emotions because Will received his "PASS" on his hearing test on Saturday.  It was such a weird moment for Heath and I.  Obviously, like any parent, we were happy for Will - but as we said - "It would never have been an issue for us or him" - just like it will never be for Macie.

Growing up, I always had my sister to share the journey with.  The frustrations, the narrow-minded people, the boys with acid tongues and the employers/customers who were rude.  I had a sister and a friend who I could confide with and know that she knew what I was feeling.  We never made it an issue, instead always venting and then storing it away.  We never played on our hearing loss.  We were never given that opportunity as children to play on it which I am forever grateful to our parents for. 

A small part of me was sad that Macie wouldn't have this to share with Will.  Then I realised that she would have something even more special....she would have ME to share her journey with.  A mother who had dealt with all the ups and downs.  A mother to relate with, to confide in and to take inspiration from. 

I can't wait to teach her to never ever use her hearing loss as an excuse.  To never ever play on it to gain sympathy.  To never ever let it hold her back.  To never ever let it stand in her way.  To never ever see it as a disability.

I was taught that it was an opportunity.  An opportunity to stand tall, be proud and prove to others that Life is what we make of it. 

I see such a bright future over a majestic horizon for my darling girl and I can't wait to share the magical journey with her, hand in hand - forever. 

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  1. You are an inspirational parent and amazing person Mrs McNulty. Both your children (and your husband) are extremely blessed as are all of us who have been fortunate enough to have you in our life. Big thumbs up to your mum and dad too for the fabulous role models they were, are and will be!! Love to you - Kym