Monday, March 5, 2012

5 reminders....

5 reminders you know you have a NEWBORN!

1.  You don't realise that your boobs are still hanging out until you realise a cool draft in a spot where there shouldn't be.

2.  You get excited about small when your sister-in-law gives you a Swivel Sweeper and you have to fight with your two year old to use it!  She does make a much prettier housewife than me though!

3.  You realise that the privilege of having a shower without a 30 second curfew is totally under-rated!

4.  Just when you thought your heart couldn't love your babies then see this....

5.  Your big girl turns into a Silent Assassin.....who jumps out of her bed in the early hours of the morning, grabs a block of chocolate from the pantry and quietly goes back to her bed to have a little snack.  When finished she decides to wake up her parents covered head to toe in chocolate....however her parents think it's POO!!  Oh the relief once we realised....we should have got mad....but we laughed! 


  1. Ah Han :) You make me smile...

    1. oh and sooooooo true about the boobies..... they have a mind of their own ;)

  2. This made me giggle! Thanks.

  3. Han that just made me laugh so much!! Oh the fright of pooey hands coming at you in bed then to realise it's chocolate!! Funny funny!!
    Pamela S