Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cuddles and Kisses

I have declared that I need a few days at home with nowhere to go and nowhere to be (obviously Anna Bligh & Campbell Newman have other ideas) so that is what I am doing.  Getting out of the house for a morning in town is a challenge at the moment so I am raising the white flag for a few days and spending some much-needed time at home. 

It was inevitable after three weeks of getting away with anything, our Big Girl has decided to stomp all over the boundaries.  90% of the time she is beautiful, funny and cheeky - but the other 10% are needless to say, very interesting!  Now that life is settling down a fraction, it's time to search for her manners with some healthy boundaries and lots of special cuddles and kisses. 

Heath and I have been trying to make a conscience effort to spend lots of one-on-one time with our Big Girl.  Lots of playdough, colouring in, cooking, and obviously the usual adventures out on the farm with her Daddy.  Usually if she gets some intensive time with either of us during the day, then she is an angel....if not, watch out!

She still makes me laugh though....especially when she comes out looking like this when I ask her to grab a shirt for out Fashion Week!

thanks iPhone for capturing not only Macie - but my messy house too!
As for the Little Man, he seems to be settling into life at the Cottage with his crazy sister family and adjusting to the endless kisses and cuddles from us all, especially Macie.  It's quiet amusing that he cracks it when Macie goes to kiss him...such a boy thing to do!! 

He hates being swaddled, loves being bathed, is a gutso with the bottle (no wonder my supply couldn't keep up to him!) and I can't believe that a month will have passed on Sunday since he arrived. It doesn't matter that Heath & I pass out on the couch at 8pm each night from exhaustion - because it's all worth it....especially when they go and do this!!

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