Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Online vs Real life.....

Recently, I have noticed so many terrific little stores popping up and have been relishing in the joy of online shopping!  I asked myself last night what I loved more - real-life or online shopping......I thought about it hard but decided that online definitely takes the cake.  I can do it while in my PJs, late at night while my beautiful family sleeps - and it saves the tantrums at the shops or feeling obligated to buy something when I walk into a store because I feel bad (Weird I know!).  I especially LOVE online fabrics stores....but you all know that.

These are my latest finds....and you all wonder why I love mail day!  

As Indi from {KID} Independent said 'It's probably a little early to say the 'E' word' but I decided to get organised for Easter and purchased these absolutely adorable Bunny Bags from Tied with a Ribbon.  I know that Macie will absolutely love them and I am super impressed with myself for being so organised!! 
I won the bidding for these gorgeous earrings from apooki in a Flood Appeal Auction at Handmade Kids!  I will definitely be shopping here more regularly as Ange has THE most beautiful collection! 

A beautiful Pinafore for my darling daughter Macie from Button Designs.  Stocked at Little Indigo.  These pinafores are so beautiful and versatile!  I bought it with the intention to wear for the winter months but it could easily be worn in Summer too!  Best purchase yet!!

So you can definitely see why I love online shopping.  There are just so many beautiful, unique and handmade items out there - all made by dedicated hardworking women - most of whom have bubbas to raise, husbos to feed, and households to keep under control!  I think you all ROCK!  


  1. OMG they are such gorgeous Easter bags. Thank you so much for highlighting your finds. Etsy is awesome but I do find myself getting lost in there sometimes. I like it when people do show and tell.

  2. Found your blog through Maxabella loves. After leaving behind the shops of Sydney for a little town near Toowoomba, I am now searching for fab online shops. I have three little girls... will be keeping an eye on your store... love the sunshine dress. gxo