Sunday, January 16, 2011

Keep Dreamin'

There are so many crafty and creative businesses doing an overhaul of their creative spaces at the moment....and it is giving me the idea to do the same because I really crave some organisation of my fabrics, my bookwork and my ribbons!  At the moment, I have a small area to work in our little cottage - with an old bookcase as my fabric storage that I managed to score from a garage sale for $10, with two desks as my cutting & sewing tables - one of them being my desk when I was in highschool - and another is a fantastic find by my very generous mother-in-law!  Our laptop is set up in the kitchen/lounge room as that is where the sat. internet is connected so it also acts as a mini-office too!  

I dream of ribbon organisation like Kristy at AnK Bowtique!  She posted this picture today on her blog....
Are you drooling? 

So with this in mind, I decided to google 'Sewing Room Creative Spaces Ideas".....and I drooled a bit more....this is what I found! 

Image the creativity that could go on here with a summer breeze through the window and those devine blue walls!! They match the Dalli Logo colours! Drool again.....

I love the cupboard - so perfect for protecting all my fabrics away from the harsh bush dust!

But instead of wishing for something I don't have (and that is space) - I declared that I love my little cottage with my little family - so I am going to make the most of it.....with a little inspiration.

Plenty of upright storage, desk-space, inspiration boards and of course, pretty fabrics! 

I shall be devoting a drawer to pure organisation like this!  My cotton collection is quickly becoming overloaded!! 

So, in the next few weeks, I plan to get creative with my storage and my workspace.  I also plan on convincing my gorgeous husbo that my little business is getting too big and I need to claim the spare bedroom as Dalli's HQ!  Wish me luck ladies!! ;) 

Please send ANY ideas, tips and suggestions my way....I need all the help I can get!! :)  


  1. Oh you DEFINATELY need the spare bedroom for your HQ's!!! No question about it :)

    Good luck organising. I never seem to be finished organising my room. I am hoping to buy a large, deep bookcase this year to fill with baskets to put all my goodies in. I have an issue of space like yourself and it certainly makes it tricky.

    Have fun! Check out Ikea!!

  2. Those pictures make me jealous even though I only possess about three spools of ribbon! There so pretty with all of the colors.

  3. Oh my.
    green with envy!
    hmm. one day?
    p.s. thanks for the shoutout. I love visiting you too - you clever little thing.

  4. Hi Han, just reading through your blog - love it. I have a Ribbon Ring (well many for all my ribbons!). It is a great space saving way to keep all your ribbons neat and tidy and they look so beautiful all the time - here is the web page to get them from -