Sunday, January 23, 2011

5 seconds of fame...

I received a fantastic e-mail today from Amanda at Style Collective to tell me that Dalli's Shabby Chic Apron range for 3 - 6 year olds has been featured on her amazing blog!!  This range is exclusive to Little Indigo

Go and visit Style Collective to see the gorgeous feature!  Click HERE!  
Then go to visit Jo at Little Indigo (Click HERE) to purchase your little one an exclusive Dalli Cottage Shabby Chic Apron!  Jo is having a 15% off sale so you better be quick!! 

Another surreal moment for me and a massive opportunity for Dalli!  

Also happy to report that we have had our first happy day at the cottage for over 10 days and the teething has appeared to have settled down, the eating is resuming and the smiles and giggles are on over-drive!  Thank you SO SO SO much for all your fantastic e-mails with tips, love and mama advice.  I love you all!  

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  1. Woweeee, that is very lovely indeed. These aprons are adorable xox