Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dalli in the MEDIA!!

Summer on a large grain farm usually calls for ridiculously early mornings to start work to try and beat the blistering 38+ heat....and this morning was no exception with the tractor headlights illuminating our bedroom at 4.10am.  Lucky I didn't mind....because I had something verrrry exciting to look forward to!!  Please note that any other morning I would have cursed the world, put a pillow over my head and declared to my hardworking husbo and father-in-law that they work too hard!! :)   

In the past few weeks, I have been working with the ever so lovely Indi from {KID} Independent and have organised for Dalli to advertise on her very successful blog and consequently received a feature on The Shabby Chic Aprons!! 

Oh.My.God.  I knew it was going to be featured....but to actually see MY creations being featured on such an amazing, successful and stylish blog....well it kinda made me go all 'gooey'....and that doesn't happen very often!!  

So go and check out Dalli in it's 5 minutes of fame & glory over at Indi's {KID} Independent blog and make sure you continue to follow her while she supports all the beautiful items around Australia and the surrounds.  It's beautiful, kind-hearted people like Indi that prove to us hard-working WAHM that it's all worthwhile. 

Today is gonna be a good, good day.....Wooohooo!!  

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