Friday, January 28, 2011

The limits....

I read a fantastic quote this week:

"If you are going to put a limit on something....make the sky the limit" 

What a terrific reminder to never let anyone stand in your way of your dreams - and if you work hard and be kind....then good things will happen to you. 

This week I am so grateful for all the beautiful, kind people out in the BIG wide world of business.  For my tiny little business to be featured on Style Collective, Fluid Magazine and KID Independent is so surreal for me.  Then to see my beautiful Shabby Chic Aprons available for sale at Little Indigo was enough to celebrate!  How bloody exciting! 

I am also grateful for my darling, beautiful daughter to be smiling again after an awful few weeks of teething.  She is back giggling and being cheeky, loud and happy - causing plenty of mayhem and madness around this tiny little cottage!  The bigger the mess - the happier she is....

And finally, I am so grateful for my gorgeous husbo and my family - both near and far.  I love visits to the cottage - my Parental Unit plus gorgeous sister for a day trip from MIL from up the road or my sister-in-law for the weekend.....they all bring so much happiness and love to the cottage!  Summer planting is now I am definitely grateful for being able to spend the weekend snuggling up to my husbo....I have most certainly missed him! 

Join in on the fun over at's a perfect reminder to stop & smell the roses of YOUR life....all while forming some fantastic blogging (you are all real) friends.   X 


  1. So true! Why not aim for the stars? Why settle for less? x

  2. Oh I like your new quote - I might have to steal it :) Nice work.

  3. Love this quote and what a gorgeous snap of your little cherub. you are doing such a wonderful job with your work and yes keep reaching for that sky you are so close already :)

  4. Love the quote also. Lovely xx

    ps. I am also Carly from everyone wants this <3

  5. Sometimes the tough weeks just make us so appreciative of when they are NOT TEETHING! I can so relate. And as a non sewer I am in awe of your talents. Just beautiful x

  6. So many gorgeous quotes this weekend.
    Family visits are fab.
    Glad your adorable little one is smiling again too.

  7. A great quote, and a great list of grateful!