Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Doing my bit....

While I write this, people in our gorgeous little town of Goondiwindi (32km from the farm) are madly packing sandbags and hoping that the river doesn't break it's banks.  Although the council are trying to reassure it's residents, you can't help but notice the panic rising along with the floodwaters.  My hometown of Toowoomba is picking up the pieces after their devastating deluge on Monday and Brisbane is in the midst of it - running for safety all while leaving their lifelong possessions to be eaten by the wall of water.  

I have found myself totally blown away by how emotional I have been the last few days.  I continually find myself deep in thought - wondering what I would have done with our 14 month old daughter Macie and my husbo if it was us.  What I would do if our house was washed away, along with our car, and to come back with nothing.  My answer has been that I would look towards the generosity of the public and hope and pray that we could get back on our feet.  

So, all while feeling completely helpless and isolated - I have decided to donate to a few more auctions on FB.  It is the absolutely least I can do. The Shabby Chic Apron generated a fantastic $80 for the AnK Bowtique Auction and I hope that it will do this again. 

Dalli Cottage have donated a personalised cushion to the Itty Bitty Butts Auction which will be happening on Saturday 15th January at 8am.  There are such beautiful items up for grabs so be sure to go and visit them.  

We have also donated another Shabby Chic Apron (choice of size & colour) to The Oz Material Girls.  Their auction will be starting on Monday 17th January.  Again, there are some terrific items involved. 

Instead of joining every FB Auction, I have decided to just happily join in on the 'fun' (if that's the right word) and bid on some great items out there.  Here is a list of some great Auctions...

Handmade Kids & Rudy & The Dodo Flood Appeal - starting at Friday 11am EST
Flickwillfixit.com.au - starting on 21st January 2011 at 7pm
For any Toowoomba people reading this blog, I just received news on FB that Kate's Place is accepting donations for anything.  Some people have lost everything and only have the clothes that were on their back when the flood happened.  I wish I could get something in the post, but we are isolated from Toowoomba.  

In the meantime, please continue to be safe, high and dry.  You are all 100% consuming my thoughts.  I am so worried for all of you and hope that you all find the strength emotionally to get through this.  You are all in my thoughts, prayers and tears.  X 

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  1. You my friend are such a treasure and a gift to not only our Community, but to all Communities affected by the floods. I am proud to call you my neighbour and my friend. xxx