Sunday, April 1, 2012

Glorious Weekends!

I have declared my love for weekends.  It's the weekends where I let loose on keeping the house clean and just soak up my family.  It is where I can share the load with Heath and get an untimed shower and an extra 5 minutes on the couch to enjoy my hot coffee.  It is what I look forward to all week and this weekend did not disappoint.

With a surprise visit from my Mum on Thursday and then a visit from Heath's sister on Saturday - it was so fantastic catching up with both sides of the family and watching them love on my babies.  Heath & I finally hit the wall of exhaustion (Will thinks that his day starts at 3.30am.....) so it was so nice to be able to be surrounded by our families, relax and laugh.   

We stretched our time between doing Easter Craft with Macie as she had been such a good girl all weekend (give and take a few tanties)....with Master William supervising in his little seat.  Watching him smile at us and take it all in just made me realise how quickly my babies grow. 

Can you tell who designed what!? 

If you are looking at doing some Easter Craft - this was a fantastic gift from Heath's sister.  Absolutely loved it minus the ceramic egg flying through the air and landing on William in his swing....another Macie moment!

Speaking of growing up....we are getting smiles out of William.  He only smiles for Heath....a daddy's boy already!

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