Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I have....

Today is the first day we have had at home in seven days. 

I have...

: folded over three baskets of washing - how can one family generate so much washing?

: Put on another three loads of washing - seriously, do mothers with more than 2 children live in their laundry?

: Fallen in love with this....because some of my best shots come out of the cheapest lens and oldest camera...

: Painted, coloured in, stamped and crafted with the Big Sis....since she had been asking to do so since 6.15am this morning. 

:  Dreamt of all the amazing antique store we found over Easter filled with photography props.  Oh to be ridiculously rich with an endless cheque book!

: Cuddled, fed, admired and sang to the Lil Bro....all while asking the Big Sis to please try and give him a little bit of space.  How do you explain "Personal Space" to a two year old? 

: Made a "Macie's Potty Chart" and declared it "Undies Day"....it lasted an hour.  Try again tomorrow.  Note to self that bribery of stickers is not enough. 

: Drank cold coffee that was over two hours old.

: Declared hatred for ABC Kids for putting Babar on instead of their Peppa Pig marathon at lunch time.

: Cursed myself when the photo shop called with the quote to fix my new camera....the cost to fix it is more than what it was to purchase it.  Mammoth fail on my part for dropping it in the first place. 

: Cursed myself again when I realised it's our wedding anniversary tomorrow and I haven't organised anything special. 

: Dreamt about the Antique Store again....i could have taken all of the chairs AND yes, that's a mini wicker pram there people.  Sigh!

: Made three vegemite sandwiches, in triangles without the crust.

: Declared tomorrow the starting day of my post-baby diet after caving into the easter eggs sitting in the fridge. 

: Realised all the ridiculous photos I have on my iPhone....

All in a mornings work of the desperate housewife.....is it 5pm yet?

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  1. Haha don't you hate it when they change the times of the fave ABC Kids shows!