Wednesday, April 4, 2012

William James - 6 weeks old

I can't believe that 6 weeks has nearly passed since Will entered our lives.

Even though I talk about how hard the last 6 weeks have been, they have also been glorious too.  Watching him grow and learn to love us as a family (a very loud one at that) and settling into our lives.  He is our little snuggly one who would love to be held and cuddled all day which is absolutely fine by me! 

He is loosing his blonde locks and his eyes become a deeper shade of blue as each day passes.  He snores like his Daddy and is finally deciding that we were right when we told him how glorious sleep really is...thank god. 

He smiles at his Daddy and looks around the room for him whenever he hears his voice.  He is learning to not get upset with Macie - for she is just loving him in her own way and that is more and more every day.  He be upset one moment and then in a deep deep sleep the next.  It's a tough life for Master William.

The most bittersweet experience of being a mum is watching my children grow, learn and explore.  I love watching them blossom and I wish the time away....and then I find myself saying "Where did that time go."

Thanks for the past 6 weeks my darling Willy J - I can't wait to share the next 60 years with you.  X

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  1. Oh my gorgeous! he is just the most divine little man. I love the pictures you have shared.