Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Four years....

It has been ten years since I first set eyes on Heath - the man in a black cowboy hat. 

It has been four years since I married that man, the very man who is my best friend.

We have shared so much together.  The most euphoric highs and the lowest of lows...and have always shared these moments hand in hand - never loosing grip. 

We have the most beautiful children and the most blessed life.  We laugh, we cry, we play and we fight. 

We dance in the kitchen, play waterfights in the yard and have an understanding on just how good a rum & coke is after both babies are tucked in bed for the night. 

I know we will be together for as long as life allows us...

And I know that I will love him with all my heart forever and for always. 

Happy Anniversary Babe!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Anniversary! I feel the same about the man I married and I think we are both pretty lucky girls to have found love.
    Your wedding looks gorgeous and I particularly love the picture of you with your husband and a bridesmaid laughing in the church, I think this tells what kind of people you are. Down to earth, fun loving, nice people.