Saturday, November 26, 2011

Our little Bush Christmas Tree

It has been wet, wet, wet here the past few days and in between doing craft with Macie - I decided that I wanted to do something pretty for the front entrance.  I had something in mind & some spare off I went while Heath and Macie had some quality Daddy/Daughter time.

Here is my little "Bush Christmas" tree....

I decided that I love it too much to place it on the dining table as a centrepiece as Macie is a pro at climbing the chairs and residing on the table first thing in the morning.  I can only imagine what she would do to this beauty!  In her defence - she is in love with the Bush Tree too and keeps on telling me that I need to "Be Gentle & Careful"!!! 

It was so easy to make!  The decorations are just felt cut out into the shapes that you want and decorated as you please.  I used a sewing machine to sew them but you could easily hand-sew them if you didn't feel like pulling the machine out.  I stuffed them with toy stuffing which was fantastic and easy. 

As for the garland - I can see myself making this for my mum as I am in love.  Easiest thing ever!  Simply cut out the circles in colours desired and send them through the sewing machine - leaving a gap between each one.  It is so simple, so cheap....yet so effective!

I have declared tomorrow "Christmas Tree" day as we are planning on being away at my Mums for the 1st December and I don't want to miss the oppurtunity of having Heath home while it's wet.  Will report back with the handmade ornament tree....and all it's beauty I'm sure. 

In the is a little snippet of the Christmas Stockings that were designed by my sister Emma and sewn by me!  Love Love Love them....and seriously considering making Heath & I one!!


  1. huge stockings Hannah, going to be fun filling them Santa.
    Ellana,(Ma & Pa)

  2. love your bush decorations! Totally stealing your garland idea too...
    Clever pants!

    xx Amy