Monday, December 5, 2011

'Twas the First Week of Christmas....

I can't believe that it's the 6th December already.  I had huge plans of creating a special advent calendar with an activity for each day - but the time has simply got away from us.  We seem to be creating our own virtual advent calendar and filling our days with memories that will surely last a lifetime.  It's fitting to say we are a tad Christmas-mad here - but hey - I will use the excuse of "Santa is watching" for as long as I can....because for now - it's working!!

Over the last week, we have been crazy - here is a little snippet....

Wet Season has arrived for the summer so we recently spent a good 4 days inside with the rain.  As a result, here is some 'craft' that we did with Daddy.  Yes - Santa looks like he has spent a year with the Simpsons but hey - it's proudly hanging on Macie's door and she loves it.  The most entertaining part was watching Heath do crafts with Macie....a first with paint, glue and all the other little bits and bobs.  Definitely a man who likes to keep his colours within the line and his glue strategically placed....I swear he had a heart attack 10 times over!! 

The Christmas Tree at the Dalli Cottage is proudly up with it's homemade decorations courtesy of Macie.  At first she thought it was a "Jump Jump" (What The?) but thankfully we managed to convince her that everything was precious and we had to be gentle.  I am happy to report the tree still remains standing with no casulties.

We just got home from a few days away at my parents place - and that is where the Christmas magic really happens.  My beautiful mum is secretly Mrs Claus....and creates the most magnificent tree.  It takes nearly a whole day to assemble....but it is so worth it.

But it's at night where the magic really happens with the fairy lights on and each and every ornament twinkling with memories of our childhood.  Macie's reaction was "Oh Wooooow" - and it really is an "oh Wow" moment.  It is seriously magestic.

And we finished the weekend off with a visit to the Christmas Lights Wonderland which was just perfect.  We lost count at the amount of times Macie said "Oh Wow" and it felt like we were over in Europe....not in Toowoomba. 

It's simple.....we love Christmas here and I can't wait to see what the remainder of December brings us!  Lots of laughs, memories and good times....

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