Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas - Dalli Style

Sharing Christmas with a Santa-Mad two year old was my idea of FUN.  It's where magic happens and where my heart beat seems to speed up when I watch her face full of bewilderment and excitement as she opens presents and talks about Santa.  It was truly the best 4 days ever....

We were slightly worried that we would spending Christmas cleaning up the aftermath of a flash flood through Heath's parents house due to big rain upstream on Thursday.  Thankfully the water peaked within inches of going through their house and Santa was definitely on our side.  I have never seen a flood at the farm before and was so shocked to see how quickly the water levels rose...thankfully our shabby little cottage is on high ground! 

We spent Christmas Eve celebrating the fireworks display that our beautiful country town put on as a community event.  These fireworks put any display to shame - they are amazing and it is such a warm & fuzzy feeling to sit on the football field amongst all the locals sharing the same excitement.  Watching the kids run to Santa when he comes for a visit and then watching their faces as the sky lights up in a kalediscope of colour.  Macie spent the whole time going "BANG BANG BANG" and absolutely loved it.....and that is what Christmas is all about.

A HUGE thanks to Ma & Pa for taking these photos!
Christmas morning is where the magic all began....huge big eyes, happy smiles and the rest was history!

A huge day at the farm surrounded by all Heath's family.  Breakfast at the cottage, swimming in the Jumping Castle, playing on the swings, collapsing for a sleep while Heath & I get to enjoy a long lunch with everyone and then back up for an afternoon of fishing, laughing and lots of fun.  By 7pm Heath & I were more exhausted than Macie!!

Then off to my parent's on Boxing Day morning to do it all over again....

 Another day filled with so many special memories, long lunches while Macie slept, plenty of laughs, swimming and presents!  Macie tried out her new floaties in the pool with Heath and they were such a huge hit!! 

Now it's home for some peace and quiet before the next BIG milestone of our lives happens in Feb 2012......and when I say BIG....I really mean it....our little man is growing more and more every single day and February seriously can't come quick enough!  We are so so so excited and can't wait for Macie to be a big sister - because we know that she will love him to bits!

So much to be thankful for in 2011....and so much to be excited for in 2012!  Hope you all had a great Christmas and have a safe New Year!  I shall be spending mine on the couch cuddling up to the husbo!!  X

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