Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The leadup to Christmas...

In true Dalli style, we have been a tad Santa mad on the lead-up to Christmas.  Our fabulous little country town has put on an absolutely amazing array of activities to celebrate Santa, Christmas and all of it's goodness.  It's times like this, that I find ourselves surrounded by beautiful, genuine and friendly people and I say to myself "Thank God we live here!". 

Our weeks have consisted of: 

We have been to Playgroup in the Park PCYC which was held by Care which is a government run organisation.  Seriously - there was everything a little child could dream of!  Painting decorations, decorating badges, making Rudolph some food for Christmas Eve, Kittens to watch play, face painting - and endless food (which is where I found Macie 99% of the time....the sugar high wasn't so exciting for me!). 

We had our very last swimming lesson for 2011.  Macie put on her best "I can throw a Tantie" performance, I breathed a huge sigh of relief and the baby screamed "THANK GOD" for it was over the kicks it was getting in the belly courtesy of Macie's swimming skills.  Doesn't Macie and her beautiful little friend look impressed?  This photo makes me do belly laughs!

We went and leaped, jumped, danced and slithered at the Leaping Lizards Christmas Party....another little gathering where Macie spent the majority of her time at the food table!  Christmas Rocks according to Macie!!

We helped "Ma" Christmas-fy her home which was so much fun!  Christmas Trees and decorating Gingerbread men.....seriously what more can you want?

So now, it's just the cooking of the rumballs, cheeseballs, sticky date puddings and PAV (my fav) that needs to be done.  Macie is such a great help in the kitchen.....so I tend to leave all my cooking until after bedtime....

Cooking at Mimi's!!!
The reindeer food is waiting patiently on the tree and the Santa video's are being watched religiously each morning.  Seriously, what are we going to do when Christmas is over???

Oh that's right - we are going to have a BABY!!! ;)  Bring on 2012!!

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