Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Boys & their cars!

It was blistering hot yesterday - and the little boys for my afternoon shoot were such troopers.  Thankfully a little breeze picked up to make it cool down from the 40's - and it wasn't all too bad!  Little Man wasn't too keen on the heat but we managed to get a few shots showcasing his gorgeous happy smile. 

With two little boys - their Mummy wanted nothing more than old vintage cars and tractors!  A big thank you to Heath for driving the tractor out to the paddock specially for this shoot and then helping us with the boys.  That husbo of mine really is a keeper!

Here is a sneak peek....can you tell I am in the B&W mood??


  1. Great shots Hannah! And perfect props! gxo

  2. So adorable Han. When I have kiddies will you photograph them??

  3. Thank You Han, You did a great job ! They look so cute! xX Thanks to Heath and Macie too. Macie was a real treat ! And yes Heath is a Keeper ! :)