Sunday, November 13, 2011

Family Time

After 10 days of a long yet fantastic harvest, Macie and I have thoroughly enjoyed having Daddy home for the weekend.  Lazy mornings, swims in the pool, BBQ lunches and just soaking up the three of us before life on the farm gets busy again.

I am a big 'Family Time' person - and I suppose you could call me selfish with it.  I love them all to myself after we have been busy with general life commitments.  I love the way we all stay in our PJs until someone knocks at the door and then it's a mad scramble to get dressed so we can look decent!!  I love that Macie is just content when it's both of us at home - it's her happy place.  I love watching the Daddy-Daughter relationship blossom again - and runs to him when I say 'No'...which is quite regularly in this house.

Family Time is sacred - especially in this darn age where life is constantly in the fast lane. It's important and it's where the memories are made.  It doesn't have to include a big fancy holiday or an expensive pool.  It is what you make of it - whether it be Macie playing "Scare You" with her Pa, or looking for birdies with her Poppy - as long as we are laughing and smiling....and together, then that is all that matters. 

I will always cherish it and savour it.  For it will be within a blink of my eye that my children will be adults....and I will be begging for the innocent swims in the backyard blowup pool on a lazy Sunday afternoon! 

A big thanks for Pa & Ma McNulty for taking these magical photos of Macie over the weekend.  Photography runs in the family on this farm!! :)

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