Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Craft #1

With Christmas just around the corner - I find myself engrossed with Christmas ideas, wrapping & all the other goodies.  I love Christmas.  Blame it on my mum who is seriously Mrs Claus in disguise as each December of each year she would dress our family home into a beautiful Christmas Wonderland.  It must have rubbed off because I really love Christmas too.

Last year I braved putting the Christmas tree up with my little demolisher child.  We had a few decorations that were casualties - and thankfully managed to keep the family heirloom ornaments safe.  This year, I don't think I will be as lucky.  I liken Macie to an "Elephant in a China Store" - she is busy, inquisitive and rough....and I love her for it.  Christmas is all about the kids - so what kind of a Mum am I not to put up the tree because I am scared what she will do?   So I have come up with a genuis idea to make some decorations to place on the tree and it won't matter if Macie decides to 'look' and consequently break them.   

So, we sat down this morning armed with buttons, felt pens, ribbons and paddle-pop sticks.  Christmas Craft Activity #1 to make Paddle-Pop Star Decorations - designed by Macie.   Very easy thing to make - cheap and tacky which is what Kids Christmas decorations are all about! 

Now - I don't want you to get the wrong idea that everything is always rosey around this cottage.  During the 30 minutes it took to make these darling little ornaments - Macie had 2 time-outs and I ended up finishing them while she went and played with something else.  Apparently in her books, 2 year olds are allowed to use hot glue guns.....but in my books, parents loose their children for doing stupid shit like that.  Try explaining that to a two year old!! 

I seriously find myself wondering if this "Time Out" business works.  Advice anyone?
I appear to have an extremely cheeky girl on my hands today.  With her Daddy working before the rain is due - she is clearly sick of looking at my face.  I really thought a Craft Morning would make it all better.....but with my dog-like barking it appears that I am a bit sick of her face too.  It's as real as it gets at the Dalli Cottage - and not all roses.  But I like real.  Real makes you appreciate the great days and forget about the bad ones. 

And it doesn't take long to forget.....because now I am off to make mini paper mache ornaments for her to paint during the week.   A mothers love knows NO boundaries.  I seriously love this kid so much it makes my heart want to explode even with the tears, tantrums and time-outs! 

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