Friday, November 25, 2011


Thanksgiving seems like such a magical holiday over in the States.  A holiday that makes people stop and simply be thankful....maybe we all need a bit more of that in our lives. 

Here are a few things I am thankful for:

1.  My marriage to Heath - which is strong enough to have a good old barney and still love each other at the end of the day.  Where we speak from the heart, love each other for who we are and share the same goals and dreams for our family.  When we get off our road of direction - it never takes long for us to recognise this, rejuvinate and get back on track.  I really am so thankful for this man.

2.  Macie's determination to piece sentences together.  She is so funny and has had Heath & I in hysterics over the past few days.  She is eptimone of our happiness. 

3.  Macie's new way of hugging which is now a "squeezy" hug where she wraps her hands around your neck and squeezes the love out of you.  She will then proceed to tell you how "Yummy" that cuddle was. 

4.  A simple mango smoothie

5.  Our families who love us unconditionally - through thick and thin, good times and bad.  We owe our parents and families so so so much. 

6.  Online shopping - I think I may have an addiction.  My visa is proving this theory but I am definitely still in denial.

7.  My new camera thanks to the genoristy of my father-in-law who sold me his little beauty.  One day I hope to have a camera collection like the meantime, I am loving the images this camera is gifting me with.

8.  Text messages from my lovely friend late at night talking about things as random as "How Hot the Braxton Brothers are on Home & Away" to breastfeeding and steralising bottles!

9.  My midwife who is helping me renew my faith in my body and preparing it for a beautiful birth in February. 

10.  Our humble abode - as much as I talk about paint, new bathrooms, more space and renovations - I am still so thankful to have a warm, cosy home to house my beautiful family.

11.  Facebook - for it's this that keeps me in touch with my friends and family when days on the farm feel a little too lonely and long.

12.  My long-lost sewjo to complete a few Christmas projects.  It feels good to be in front of the sewing machine again.

13.  My life.  I am so thankful for my beautiful, simple and fufilling life.

What are you thankful for?


  1. Your photos are simply beautiful.....what camera are you using?

  2. You have a beautiful way with words Hannah. Thanksgiving is a great holiday over here. The underlying message - to stop and give thanks - is so simple yet highly underrated.

    P xo