Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Countdown....

I am surprising myself this year with my Festive Season organisation.  In between photoshoots, trips to town, swimming lessons, and general craziness of life - I am actually organised for Christmas.  It is usually it's me running around a few days before Christmas Eve trying to find wrapping paper and Christmas cards - and usually posting the cards after Christmas because I was too slack to sit down and right them.  I don't know what has come over me this year....but I am liking it!

We have these beautiful Christmas decorations designed by Macie to hang on the Christmas tree this weekend.  Beautiful treasure....I know!

I have purchased all my Christmas presents but one, nearly paid off Macie's lay-by (to which I just had a look at the receipt and don't remember purchasing half of those things) and have even sat down at the sewing machine to start/finish on special Christmas stockings for both Archer and Moo.  Yep - I have been bitten by the Christmas bug. 

Since I have been taking so many photos of everyone else lately, I decided it was time to capture some Christmas shots of our own little angel.  There are some beauties that I want to save for some special presents.....but here is a little snippet of our darling girl in between the rain showers yesterday.  Be still my beating heart.

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