Monday, July 4, 2011

Good things happen....

Heath proposed to me again over the weekend.  Yep - on one knee and asked me, his wife, to marry him - all while placing my ORIGINAL engagement ring on my finger.....the very same ring that I lost 2 months ago and cried a river of tears.  Over the last 2 months I have searched the house endlessly, reluctantly filed a claim with my insurance company and only last week received the 'go-ahead' from the insurance to go and purchase myself a new one.  The money was sitting in my account - all I needed to do was walk into the jewellery store in town and purchase the ring.  What was stopping me? I had no idea.

Then for some reason on Saturday, I decided it would be a really good idea to wash the car.  Heath was busy at the shed and Miss Moo had her 'teething-I-hate-the-world' pants usually anything involving water dissolves the mood and places a smile on her face.  To really set the all my time owning a car - I think I have washed them probably 3 times.  I usually either drive with a dirty windscreen and mud on the wheels (much to the husbo's disgust) or I pay the trusty young man at the Car Wash to do the job for me.  Washing cars just isn't my thing.....but for some reason on Saturday, I was determined to make our car sparkle.

So I drove the car into the yard, fought with Macie over the hose, cursed at the dog for biting my toes and started to wash the car.  Then something sparkled in the grass......and it caught my eye.....and there it engagment ring - sitting in the grass on the corner of the patio.  It has been mowed over, frosted on, rained on and has been sitting in the dirt for 2 months - and there isn't a diamond missing and it is still in it's original shape.!

You are probably wondering where the photos are - but I was in too much shock to grab the camera.....I ran inside immediately to call Heath on the UHF radio and said "GET HOME NOW!" thing I know he is standing with me in the yard completely dumbfounded too.....he only mowed over that ring the weekend before.

My beautiful engagement ring that Heath proposed to me all those years ago is back on my finger (although needs to be resized).....the very ring that I thought I had lost and shed so many tears over...and maybe blamed Macie for loosing on me!  Lucky she doesn't really understand me.....  

Good things happen to those who wait.....and I am so very glad that I waited.....

And just to let you know - I did the right thing and called the insurance company to let them know that I had found the ring and asked if they wanted me to reimburse the funds.....the end of the line was quiet with a response from the operator being..."Um....I have never had a phonecall from a customer telling us that they want to reimburse the money - I am going to have to get back to you ma'am".  Honesty is my policy.....even if that money would have been so very welcome in our savings account!

So - when life feels like it is throwing all the punches your way and you start to feel a bit defeated....just remember that "Good things happen" because they truly do.....

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  1. I have had a really bad day Han, reading this has just given me a little bit of hope!
    Pam S

  2. so glad you found it - what a beautiful story

  3. Wow, that is unreal. And so cool. And I believe in KARMA too....and it'll come back around again. Go you....

    Love, meli

    p.s. FABULOUS pic...