Friday, July 1, 2011

The beauty of pregnancy....

Last week I was asked by my beautiful heavily-pregnant friend Lish to take some photos.  I looked at her with a puzzled face and said "Photos?  Of what?".....and she replied with her gorgeous smile and pointed at her belly bump.  I was honoured.  Why?  Because I couldn't think of a more perfect afternoon than to photograph Lish, her magical baby bump and her beautiful little girl.  I think my little jump and silent squeal may have answered her question.....

I spent the last week driving around the paddocks on the farm, the hidden streets in town, timing the sunsets, testing the best light, and exploring the internet for inspiration.  I wanted these photos to capture the silent yet profound relationship between Lish and her little girl and to catch that twinkle in their eyes - their own kind of magic. 

A big thank you to Lish for letting me share just a few of my favourites from the day.  I was so excited, honoured and priviledged to be asked to photograph you and your beautiful family.

If every Friday afternoon consisted of photographing such beautiful people in beautiful surroundings....then I say.....Bring it on!


  1. Hi Hannah - They are absolutely gorgeous. I am sure that she is over the moon about the photo's. Photography is the best hobby around, my husband has been learning it for a couple of years and I couldn't sit back anymore and not take photo's. So i brought my own, hence the wonderful CAMERA STRAP that I added to it. There is a page on Facebook called Club Como Photography, you can upload your photos and get comments on them - they also offer a free email photography course, which hubby and I are doing at the moment and it is great, helps you understand everything. Especially about your own camera. I love the photo's that you take and share with us on your blog. Keep up the great work.. xx

  2. Those are sublime. Well done. I reckon there's seldom more beautiful than a child - in any form, and always beautiful in it's mama's belly. xx

  3. Oh my goodness Hannah they are soooooo beautiful. I absolutely love your style of photography, you are such a talented lady. I hope to see more amazing shots!