Wednesday, July 27, 2011

When Friendship turns to a Sisterhood...

Over four years ago, I moved from my home town - to Heaths home town.  I knew only a handful of people, had a job I wasn't overally fussed about and was severely homesick.  I loved Heath - but could I really handle the big move away from my family, friends and the job I loved?

Fast-forward and as we look back - we have been through hell and back - but...I can proudly proclaim that "Life is Beautiful". 

I am so thankful for my husbo, Moo, family, cottage, and our sometimes serene way of life.  But most of all, I am so thankful for my friends.

Over 18 months ago, we all met in the crammed little room at the District Nurses' Office at the weekly Mothers Group meeting.  All looking as nervous as each other, it didn't take long before we all bonded over vomit on our shoulders, birth stories and the dark rings around our eyes - forming a strong friendship circle that to this day - still supports each other through the thick and thin.

Each week we gather with children at our ankles to debrief, laugh, cry and most importantly - be friends.  We gather together when one is hurt.  We pick up another child as if it is ours.  We wipe noses, share food and police the slippery slide line-up.  We marvel at how much our children have grown even if it's only been a week since we last saw them and we offer shoulders for support when it all gets too much.  We countdown to special Wedding days and cry over special news.  We send each other "Have a great day!" texts and we cook each other meals when a little extra hand is needed. 

In the last few days, two of our beautiful friends gave birth to the most perfect little babies.  It is such a special and magical time for them and their families - and it makes my heart swoon watching them get used to becoming a "Family of Four" and all the pros and cons that come with it.

The magical thing really is that once these babies were born - all of us gathered at the hospital - like it was our sisters that just had their babies.  We played tag-team with the kids so all of us could enjoy a cuddle and we showered their Big Sisters in all the love and praise they deserve.  We listened with caring ears about the Mama's journeys and we all offered the love and time that they may need.

 It was while we sat in the sunshine in the middle of the hospital - watching the kids play on the play equipment - that it really made me realise that we are more of a "Sisterhood" than an average mothers group. 

Without these beautiful, unique, quirky and loving women - I don't think I would love my Country life as much.  They refill my glass with the endless love and friendship - each and every week.  They are my solace - my comfort - and perhaps my Shrink on days when I feel like I am loosing it!

Thank you to each and every one of you for being YOU.  I look forward to sharing this exhilarating yet scary ride of Motherhood with each and every one of you.  X

"They're the people you can share your secrets with, cry with, laugh with, and just be yourself with. They don't judge you or make you change. They accept you exactly as you are. They look at you and they see a great person, one they love spending time with. You all share something in common and are tied together by memories, tears, laughs & smiles. You're tied together by love for the other. Sisterhood is the greatest thing in the world. I find my time with my sisters the best times of my life. My sisters are my heart, my soul, my fun, my laughter, my tears, my love and my life"
~ Unknown

PS  Alex - how have you managed to escape the majority of photos!?!?!  ;)


  1. what a graceful and heart tugging post, Han. How truly special.


  2. Yet again tears are streaming Han espeically as I am one of the "sisters" & there tears of joy knowing exactly what your saying... Its you girls that have made me happy in my life here in Australia & in the "Bush" without you all I could never of done it your the most support I could ever ask for & soemtimes we dont need words to let each other know we all feel the same ~ Love You Hannah McNulty you are a precious gift I cherish xxx

  3. wow, I don't personally know you but I totally understand what you are saying, as I too lived in the bush and had that same 'sisterhood'..I miss it like you wouldn't believe and your post made me cry, in a good way...very heart tugging xxxx