Thursday, July 14, 2011

a mothers love....

This morning was spent with my beautiful friends who are due to give birth to their second baby any day now.  I sat and talked with excitement and anticipation - they sat mentally counting down the days until D-Day.  I wonder if they noticed me admiring their bellies moving in time with their babies and resisting all urge not to touch and rub it constantly. 

It reminds me vividly of the wait for Macie's birth....the constant 'Have you popped yet?' text messages and the endless tips and tricks for how to bring the birth on!  And can you believe that I have been doing the very same to my beautiful friends.....telling them to sway their hips like it's the 70s baby!! 

So it's now that I wait for that all important phone call that the babies are on their way....and wait with their big sisters for the good news....

In the meantime, I will just look at these gorgeous photos.....seriously - there is nothing more glorious than a pregnant woman - and nothing more magical than a mothers matter how uncomfortable they feel! 

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