Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Admittedly, I have been so unproductive lately.  My house, washing pile, floors and thirsty garden proves my findings.  The dust on my sewing machine is just the cherry on top. 

The thing is - that I have been productive for so many endless's about time I be unproductive - just to even things out.

However, I am happy to report that I managed to blow the dust off the sewing machine and I completed the very first quilting project that I started months ago.  I wanted to make a little playmat/quilt for my new little nephew who is due to born any day now.....

and here is the result. 

Shabby and made with love.  I didn't want the cubes to match up in a perfect pattern - instead I wanted it to be 'imperfect' to represent that everyone and everything are beautiful in their own special way - no matter the colour of their hair, skin or if they have 11 toes. 

So, even though the result of my unproductiveness is creating a little voice that shouts "Oh my god - I really need to sew".....I am loving MY time....with my girl, my husbo and my family.....but more so - with me.  Over the past year, any time that I had to myself - I would be sewing for Dalli....for nearly 7 hours a day.  Over the past few weeks, I have actually laid down with Macie with her afternoon sleeps, cuddled her endlessly on the couch while we watch cartoons together and have just enjoyed our days together.  I have snuggled on the couch with Heath at nights - which is such a rare occasion as usually I am on the sewing machine as soon as Miss Moo is asleep....and until Heath is asleep on the couch. 

I have listened to my instincts - and I have taken a wee break.  Just a little one to revitalise, refocus and decide where I want to take my little business into the future.  How to do things differently - to be a stand-out in the world of so many creative businesses.

But one thing is for sure - and that is that I will always love to write...I will always love to blog....

and I hope that you will always love to read.  X


  1. Can I just say that was a beautiful story and it sounds like you have deserved a well earned break. Enjoy your time with your family. I wish you the very best in your future projects. Thankyou for sharing your story it certainly reminds you that you have to keep things in perspective.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Always love to read - and see your amazing photos. You do create wonderful things at Dalli - but everyone needs some downtime every now and then!!! Enjoy your little break