Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A snippet

Every day I sit down to write a blog post and I get distracted. 

I feel like I am juggling a million balls at the moment - and usually I get all stressy & bitchy....but I am actually loving it.  I am loving breaking the mundane - not doing what I am suppose to be doing, having coffee with friends I have been saying that I would for months, having date nights, random vino afternoons with unsuspected visitors and just generally.....living life for all it's worth!

Will is nearly seven months old now and I am slowly feeling like a normal woman again.  In all areas - physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.  Our family is complete and there is nothing more serene that watching your kids grow into fine human-beings (most of the time).  There is also nothing better than folding away the maternity clothes, baby swings, bassinettes and slowly regaining control over the house again!  There was a time that I seriously felt like we were drowing in swings, activity mats, and all that jazz!!!

More importantly....I feel like I am getting my mind back.  Did you know that I wrote the wrong mobile number on every.single.goddamn. Christening Invitation for William?  Seriously.  One or Two is excuseable....by 30 invitations?  You gotta be kidding me!

As always....here's a snippet into life at the cottage....

Miss Moo had her a buster on a lazy Sunday afternoon just after her nap.  She tripped and hit her little wooden chair - cried for a few minutes and then proceeded to tell us that the doctor needed to fix it!
She skipped into Emergency - told the nurses that they needed to fix her head and then asked them one hundred questions like "What is your name?"  "Where is your Daddy?"....etc.  I swear they thought she was concussed....but that is just our delightful girl at her best.

A few more tears while the glue stung and then she was happy with a milkshake from Sonnos (Best Milkshakes in Gundi EVER!).  She was so so so good!  I swear I was squirming more than her.  I loathe hospitals.  The smell makes me sick to my stomach - and here was Macie, skipping and having a great old time!  Crazy!

William is getting pretty frustrated that he can't trip over things and have scars like his Big Sis so he is working on this..... may I add that I'm not encouraging this!!  I love putting him somewhere and knowing that he will be still be there in a few minutes!

A common scene in our house!  SWIPER NO SWIPING!!!!! 
...and as much as I would love to add more photos and tell you more stories, Swiper has awoken with other plans! 


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