Thursday, August 9, 2012

Out of Macies Mouth - Episode Two

Macie is nearly three.  I love this kid - like seriously love her.  But I love her even more now as she makes me laugh! 
Here are some of her beauties....

While watching the Olympics during the week, we have been asking her what the athlete is.  This is by far her best this week:

: Gymnasts are "Fairy Dancers"
: Men Gymnasts on bars are "Monkeys"
: Basketballers are Kangaroos because they hop and jump everywhere.
: If the athlete is crying tears of happiness, she becomes very concerned and asks why they are sad.
: If they are punching their hands in the air in triump - they are mad.....apparently.  
She has been spending heeeeaps of time with Daddy lately and always tells me that he is at work spraying the naughty weeds.  The other day she came up to me very seriously and said....
"Mummy - I neeeeed to go work with Daddy on Wednesday (very specific our Moo!).  The roos are being verrrrry verrrrry naughty and eating Daddys wheat so I need to tell them to *inserts screaming and finger pointing** Stop Eating Daddys Wheat!"....then she laughs at herself because she is funny, you know!

She is obsessed with birthdays at the moment....she tells me at least five times a day that it's her birthday soon - it usually goes something like this....
"It's my birthday after Bryon's birthday.....and Jen-Jen's birthday.....and Daycares birthday (wtf?) and Mummys birthday....and then Daddy's birthday....then it's MMMYYYYY birthday.  I want a hippo cake Mummy and it needs to be pink."
As a result of her excitement, I am planning a bigger than big birthday party for our gorgeous girl.  She deserves it.

We are coming to the end of Week Two of Potty Training and may I add that I think Potty Training blows....just saying.  We have made progress and she now announces that she needs to go to the toilet, and not to come as she can do it all by herself.  She can do it so well that she actually ended up with her foot in the toilet the other day (don't ask) and even a magazine ended up in there too (again, don't ask)...but her best yet is when she screams from the toilet....
"MUMMMMMMY, MUM, MUM, MUUUUUMY - I have done my 'poo worms' in the toilet.  I'm a big girl - so now....where is my special present?" 
Did I mention that Potty training blows?

If she catches us saying something naughty she says very sternly to us "Please DO NOT say that - that is verrrrry verrrrry naughty".

If I am not looking at her while she is talking, she stops, grabs my face and says "Look at me Mummy - I am talking". 

If she catches Heath and I raising our voices at each other she will say:
"Daddy - stop being rude to Mummy.  And Mummy - you can stop being rude to Daddy too!".....nothing like being told off by a nearly-3-year old to put us in our place. 

The other day while talking in the car, she interrupted us to say "Mummy & Daddy - you are being verrrry verrrry loud.  William is asleep and if you wake him up I will be verrrry verrrry mad.  So SHHHHHHH"

She constantly talks to William and calls him "Buddy" and "Mate".  When he is upset she tells him to "Settle down and stop being silly" and when she is trying to take a photo of him she will get right in his face and then put on a squeaky little mouse voice and say "Wheeeeere is your happy face?  Is it hiiiiiding? Oh there it is.  You are so handsome William.  Say Cheeeeese.  Oh look at that.  That is a pearler of a photo!". 

Her latest trick is to be a Young Talent Time contestant.  This particular activity involves dancing on the table, with my cap on and acting like a gangstar.  She has perfected her rendition of "Old Macdonald" who unfortunately only has cows....and her latest performance involves a catchy tune of "Macie McNulty" being sung over and over and over again.  I have to admit that it is highly entertaining....and not growing old....yet!

So even though there are tantrums and attitude - that all dissolves when she makes us laugh and smile.

She is the best....and most of all she is OURS. 


  1. Oh Hannah she is a delight! You guys should be so very proud of her. Sandy xxx

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