Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Things have been a bit quiet here on the Dalli blog of late.  Minimal sleep, long days, full weekends and sloooow internet will do that to you....well to me. 

William turned 5 months old over the weekend - and I slowly feel like I am getting back into the groove of things.  Physically, my stretch marks are fading and my boobs are back to their miniscule-uneven-selves.  Mentally, I wake up feeling like I can conquer the day without tears or tantrums on my behalf.  Macie is happier and is an absolute delight (with a few moments here or there), William is growing into a happy, robust little boy and Heath is just happy that we are all happy.  It doesn't take much to keep that gorgeous husbo of mine content.

I suppose you could say that with all the physical and mental contributors....I have been lacking in the creative writing department.  Feeling like my life was just filled with counting.....

- the loads of washing I could do in one day
- or the days it takes to put it away from our dining table
- or the number of nappies I could change in one day
- or the hours ABC Kids is on continously
- or the hours until Heath is home from work
- or the hours between feeds
- or the days until it's the weekend
- or the number of hours sleep we have in one night
- or the weeks until we are off to the beach for a few nights


But in between the mundane stuff - our life is really beautiful.  Macie has absolutely blossomed into the most beautiful attentive, caring and loving Big Sister I could have ever have dreamed of for William.  He is happiest when she is sitting in front (or on top) of him - and his eyes literally light up and smile.  He stops crying when she claps (she has worked out that he loves clapping) and he loves nothing more than when she gets a book and pretends to read it to him.  I want to bottle this amazing bond between them and show them when they are older - but I suppose at the moment I have my rose-coloured glasses on and I believe that they will be best mates forever.

So as life begins to really settle, or more so, as I adjust to being a Mum of Two - I know I will slowly find the old Han and begin to grow & blossom too like my darling little girl.  I am meant to be a role model to her.....

but really she teaches me so much more than she will ever realise.   

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