Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Truman Show

Have you ever seen the movie "The Truman Show"? 

It's a story of a man who is led to believe that his life is perfectly normal, but in fact it is all staged, meticulously planned, filmed and aired to millions of people all over the world.  Obviously it's all fiction....but for some reason I have been thinking of this movie lately.

My life feels a little "Truman-y" at the moment with the same routine day in and day out. 

Did you know that I pass the same man in a silver 4WD on the way to town every.single.time?  He always wears a light blue collared shirt and a tanned akubra.  No matter if I leave the cottage at 10am or 2pm - he passes me on the highway.  And 9 times out of 10 - he usually passes me on the way home aswell.

Did you know that without fail, there will be a tissue or random foreign object in my washing machine after every load that makes me curse under my breath? 

Did you know that Macie will declare that she is hungry as soon as she is buckled in the car and we are driving down the driveway?  Even if she just ate 2.5 weetbixs, 2 pieces of toast and a glass of warm milk 10 minutes before.

Did you know that I pass the same "Carol's Couriers" van with psychedelic coloured writing every single time I travel to Toowoomba?  I swear. 

I know it's the life I lead while we have small people in our house who crave for routine and structure.  Ok, maybe I shouldn't blame them....maybe it's me who craves it.... but the other day I decided that I wanted a change - and the only person that can do that - is me.

So when I received a phonecall from my mum the other day to announce the Playschool was going to be holding a concert in Toowoomba, I just replied "Lets Do It!".  I booked the tickets, packed the bags and set off....

and our adventure was so was not even funny....ok, maybe it was!

The concert was to begin at 10.00am with strong advice to arrive 30 minutes prior to get good seating, etc.  At 9.30am, I am still racing around Mum's house trying to dress both Macie & Will.  Eventually my sister and I set off to the concert at a school hall on the other side of town - all kids were buckled in the car and Will was screaming his lungs out.  Clearly Playschool wasn't on his Bucket List.  Macie declared that she was hungry after 30 seconds. 

We arrive at said school to meet another friend who had been ringing to ask where the hall was because there didn't seem to be a whole lot of people or cars about.  We decide to park and walk - so Will is in his Bjorn and Macie is tagging along behind....we find someone who announces that we were at the wrong 'campus' and we had to be at the other campus on the other side of town....

To set the scene - imagine us all running frantically to the car.  It was 9.50am by now.  I am screaming "WE'RE NOOOOT GOIIIIING TO MAKE IT!!!!".  We buckle all the kids back in and set off for the new campus.  Macie once again declared that she was hungry - even after previous packet of biscuits.

We finally arrive at the correct 'campus' - where we are all assigned carparks on different ends of the school!  We all run frantically into the concert and the kids are besides themselves....well the big ones anyway! 

We all dance, sing and jump along to Playschool while handing out snacks, wiping up leaking water bottles in bags (yes mine - just in case the universe wasn't telling me clearly enough that my life was NOT "The Truman Show") and we had a great time.

So next time I complain that my life feels like it's the same shiz day in and day out....I'm going to do something random.  Even if it's something as simple as driving to Toowoomba to see Playschool.  It was fun, it was frantic....and most of created memories!!

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