Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happenings at the cottage....

No matter how sleep-deprieved I am - I love them unconditionally.

Little Man is starting to grow too quickly for my liking.  I think he may have likened his Jolly Jumper experience to a rollercoaster ride due to the 'help' from his Big Sis.  But as per usual, he just smiled and held on for the ride!  He is so tolerant of her! 

Macie had her first Speechy lesson with a very special lady.  Helen was MY speechy for 12 years after I was diagnosed with my hearing loss.  She is amazing and it was really surreal watching her work with my daughter.  And yes - the smile says it all - Macie loved her too.

Upon my visit home, this is what was on my parents fridge.  After over 25 years of marriage - they still act like newlyweds.  Best.rolemodels.ever! 

Yes - its happened.  She is officially addicted to the "Magic Thing".  And No - we don't have one....much to her disgust!

After watching her big cousins paint their nails over the weekend, this is how I found Macie on Tuesday morning.....Dalli Cottage Beauty Salon....

Besties.  Long may it last.

Writing letters to Macie's friends to start a little Penpal thing!  I am yet to make her a little mailbox of her own!

The end result after asking Moo to go and get changed out of her PJs.  This is what she presented me with.  When I asked her to put some pants on as it was too cold - she then proceeded to put boardies on underneath!!

Family picnics in the warm winter sun

Beautiful Girl

How we find Willy most mornings....hanging with his girls....thanks to his Cupid Sister!

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  1. There was a lot of cute photos in this post Hannah but the cutest of all today was your parents! How sweet!