Friday, January 6, 2012

Preggo woes!

I have been somewhat quiet on this little blog of mine.  Pregnancy seems to have overtaken any kind of spare time I had.  If I get a moment - I am usually passed out in bed or on the couch trying to be 'present' for Macie while she plays around me.  On more than one occasion I have declared that Heath is "Head Chef" for the night as I practice becoming a whale on the lounge....and thankfully I hear absolutely no complaints from my beautiful husbo - even after he has worked a massive day.   

Does I sound like I am whinging?  Well - to be honest, I probably am!  I hand it to all those woman out there who declare that they never felt an ache, or a twitch or the sensation that their baby could fall out at any given moment.  Either you are the best secret-keepers ever....or your bodies are made to have a trillion children.  Me?  I have clearly been built to stop at two children (and I am certainly very blessed to have these little darlings in my life) - and whoever says that summer is a great time to be pregnant because you can wear Maxi-dresses....needs to be shot!

In between the day sleeps, couch sessions and "OMG - cross my legs - this baby is going to drop out" moments during our day....we have been trying to fill our days with lots of summer play with our lovely friends.  I haven't even really had the camera out lately.....but I am sure that is destined to change as I persuade Heath to take some final maternity photos of the bump as the final 6 weeks draws to a close.   I have listened to my body and really really regretably cancelled the last few photoshoots that I had planned in the last 6 weeks before bubs is born.  I hated having to tell these gorgeous clients but sometimes I just need to listen to this body of mine. 

But today I managed to capture my beautiful little girl in all her glory - her Daddy's cowboy hat with her signature smile while holding her 2 newest pets - Cameron and Cyril the Caterpillars. 

It excites me watching Macie.  I get so much joy hearing her independence and happiness sing from giggles and screams of delight.  Or to see her cheekiness from that little glint in her eyes when she looks at me for just that little bit longer - as if she is saying "I know I am cheeky Mum....but I also know that you love me".  She is funny, intelligent and confident.  She can be so stubborn to the point of no return - yet can be such a beautifully mannered little girl that could never do wrong aswell!!  She is always one step ahead of us - even though we try to be one step ahead of it always feels like a race....then we collapse in giggles and love and promise to slow down.

A promise to slow down to soak up the beauty of a simple smile, cuddle and a kiss.  Because gratitude of the simple things can bring so much happiness to soothe the aches and pains...and reminds me of the miracle that is about to enter our world.   X

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  1. The 2nd pregnancy is a tuffy as you never can really rest. I got really annoyed with myself when I couldn't do it "all". Looking back I should have not worried as much and slowed right down. Once you have two you are almost on the job all the time so embrace the times when you can put your feet up besides your body is growing a beautiful baby - its got to be tiring. Macie is gorgeous!!