Tuesday, January 24, 2012

10 random things....

I reached the 15,000 hits milestone on my blog.  Thank you for your support. 

I have 30 days to go with my pregnancy....

I faced my serious and sometimes frightening needle fear and had accupunture last week.  I have to admit that I enjoyed it and will be going back for more.

I keep on having to remind myself that our beautiful darling girl is going to be a Big Sister.  I know she is going to rock it, own it and sometimes is going to make our lives hell - but hey - I'm up for the ride.  I was asked by my midwife the other day "How do you think Macie is going to cope"......and my response was...."We will all be fine".  It's all in trusting the process.....isn't it?

I have thrown my "Eat Well" plan out the window and enjoying my last 30 days of extra calories and chocolate milkshakes. 

I make a crap nurse.  Heath was sick over the weekend and I coped terribly.  In the end, after 3 days of him being in pain, I packed him in the car and took him to a real nurse at the hospital that looked after him.  I am happy to report that he is back to 100% health....and he to agrees that I suck at playing "Nurse".  I can take that. 

I finally sewed up my curtains that have been pinned by my gorgeous & generous mother-in-law for the past 2 years.  It took 15 minutes and I cursed myself for taking so long to do it!

My urge to nest is fighting with my two year old who is adament that the house should look like it hasn't been cleaned for a good two weeks.  Today I declared "Fuck It".  Yep - I swore.

Macie has now learnt to send text messages on my iPhone.  It is a recipe for some great conversations with friends I haven't spoken to in ages!

I keep on having nightmares that I am going to be flooded from town - and I go into labour.....

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