Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Somewhere over the rainbow....

What do you do that's special to create memories for your children?  

Me?  Well I love sitting in the afternoon sunshine, watering the plants and creating rainbows for Miss Moo to play in......she screams, she giggles and she plays....all what being a kid is all about.  

As for me, I just find myself oozing love and adoration for this tiny human being.  My heart wants to explode and I want to freeze time and savour every moment.  We wish time away....but why?  When we have moments like this to fill our hearts and feed our souls? 

What are your secrets to creating a magical afternoon? 

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  1. Hi, I have just found your gorgeous blog. I love it, the pictures are magical, you must be a great photographer. I would love to list you on my blog roll of fabulous rural blogs.
    Bushbelles (Jules)