Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rain or Shine....

It's been a stormy weekend here at Dalli Cottage with the clouds rolling in on Friday night and threatening and sprinkling us ever since.  The mood reflected on our poor darling Moo with a combination of sore tummy with teeth and now we are just all exhausted.  

What do we do when we aren't feeling well?  We hit the beauty of our backyard - in the rain or the shine.  Nothing like heading off on an afternoon of adventure.  Moo loves to just sit there and soak it all in, the husbo enjoy our little piece of serenity and me?  Well I love to capture the moment.....

Playing in the rain was the big hit for washing away the sickness blues...and thankfully this beautiful smile proves it! 
Pavement chalks....which tend to lead to drawing over the outdoor furniture and front door while Mummy isn't watching....

The ladies....our hens follow Moo around every where and you will regularly find a trail of 11 hens following her over the yard!  We have just added a new member to the hen house - Bruce the Rooster....who is fitting in considerably well! 

An afternoon in her tutu....enough to make any girl smile.
Playing cat and mouse with the Crop this was fun and created many giggles!  I just wish I could have captured the smiles on the pilots face when he saw Moo waving every time he flew over us! 

Mud puddles and rainbows....all in an afternoons work from Mother Nature in our gorgeous corner of the country-side.  
So we can only wish and pray for the teeth to come down and the yucky belly to go away - but it warms my heart that even when life throws us a wobbly - we can still manage a little bit of fun, magic and smiles to make our weekend full of memories. 


  1. What a wonderful weekend and your photos are just beautiful Hannah.

  2. What beautiful photos! I love the pink gumboots!

    pps: I think my sweet brooch giveaway might be right up your alley! Stop by if you have a moment...

  3. gorgeous!!! Baby is looking beautiful and cute.. That hen is so bubbly...nice pictures.
    Thanks for this great blog.