Friday, March 11, 2011

Grateful for....

Firstly, huge apologies for my absence from blogging!  Life has been hectic, Moo has come down with chicken pox, the husbo is busy with the farm and I am just trying to juggle the balancing act.  I made a huge decision this week to not accept anymore custom orders until life settles may be a week, a month or a few months....who knows.  

There are so many things I am grateful this week....

My very first market night over at my Dalli Cottage FB!  It was such an amazing response and I will fully loaded when I went off to the PO this week.  Thank you so much to all my beautiful customers. 

But the BIG thing I am grateful for this week is the weather.  Autumn would have to be my favourite season of all....the cooler weather, the beautiful breeze, the amazing clouds, the smells....I could go on forever.  All week we have had the windows open instead of the air conditioner, and we have just been loving it.  

I especially loved my Autumn Afternoon walk with my darling girl this afternoon....and I am so glad that I managed to capture it.  X 


  1. Every March my husband starts his, "I love this time of year" chant. He LOVES March. Loves the cooler evenings and not-so-hot days.

    Me too, actually.


  2. Great picture.
    I love Autumn too but also Spring and have a spring in my step with gratitude over at

  3. So sorry to hear about the chicken pox - ahhh! so not fun. I am seriously loving my purchase from your Market night! take care of YOU too! N x

  4. I love March too.

    today, I'm grateful for decreased humidity so my washing can dry!

  5. We had the chicken pox plague in Jan, despite the fact they had all been vaccinated. The kids went down like ninepins. Here's to a calmer time ahead for you. Congrats on your market night!

  6. I love Autumn too, and where I am the leaves have just started to change colour... it's so beautiful.

    Hope you are all feeling better soon.

  7. A walk in the crisp Autumn air cures all ails. Thanks for linking up today, Hannah. x

  8. i love autumn aswell, love the breeze, nature and going for walks without feeling uncomfortably sticky & hot ♥

  9. I'm loving this weather too... or the weather that Autumn will bring.

    I love this season best, and then Spring too. x